The FoQIS Approach

The Easy to Use Web-based software that will help you Pass the LTC Survey with Flying Colors

Our software thoroughly covers all Federal regulations.
The FoQIS survey process mimics the methods and procedures in the Long-term Care Survey.


FoQIS Incorporates 2  Stages of Review

The FoQIS Approach is simple. FoQIS mirrors the QIS survey process from the Beginning of Stage I to the Completion of Stage II. Foqis was created to help operators efficiently and effectively manage the change in the long term
care regulatory environment to the Quality Indicator Survey.

Stage 1

Stage I includes resident, family and staff interviews where you’ll ask your customers how they feel about several areas of care provided
by your facility.

The interview will not only help you identify gaps in your service,which is key to helping you pass the QIS survey, but it will also help you enhance the lives of your residents and ensure their satisfaction. Stage I also includes detailed MDS Analysis that can be configured to automatically import your facility specific MDS data. All information gathered in Stage I is summarized in easy to read dashboard reports that transition you directly to Stage II.

Stage 2

In Stage II you will use critical element pathways to conduct an in-depth analysis of Stage I triggers that will help you determine deficient practices. With this information your skilled nursing facility can prioritize and address the most critical
care areas first.

Why Use FoQIS?

FoQIS Understands the Skilled Nursing Home Operator – Our Only FoQIS is LTC!

  • Improve Survey Outcomes
  • Improve Resident Quality of Care and Life
  • Increase Resident and Family Satisfaction
  • Simulate the QIS Survey Process from the Beginning of Stage I to the End of Stage II
  • Use as a Feedback and Monitoring Data System for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)
  • Enhance Documentation through Automation
  • Increase Consistency and Accuracy of the QAPI and Mock Survey Process
  • Aggregate Data into Meaningful Reports that can be used to make Important Management Decisions
  • Import MDS Records to Create Survey Sampling–No file Conversions Required–Automatic Importing of MDS Data can be Configured
  • Cross Platforms–Can be used on any Internet Ready Device.
  • Requires Low Bandwidth and Low Overhead
  • Secure–Encrypts all Personal Health Information (PHI)